Beginners Workshops 2 dates!

Beginners Workshops 2 dates!

The first step in starting a yoga practice can sometimes be just getting the courage to walk through the door! Specifically designed for beginners, in  a comfortable, safe environment where everyone else is new to yoga too.  Yoga is an amazing practice that brings strength, flexibility and balance into one's life.  Join us in the journey of learning about the fundamentals of yoga including:  basic poses, the use of props, breathing techniques, and meditation.  This two hour workshop will also provide the necessities for basic body alignment and a full explanation of the breath we use, commonly called ujjayi.  Learn how to link your breath with movement as we move and flow from one pose to the next.  Receive step-by-step guidance on the foundational postures and how to make modifications or adjustments to fit your needs and abilities.  Questions are encouraged and serve to help you and others in the class gain a deeper understanding. We will be offering 2 dates for our beginners workshop. This will allow our yogis who have busy schedules to come to the one that best fits your schedule. Or come to both!

Sunday January  14th 1:30-3:30pm

Sunday February 4th 1:30-3:30pm

cost $30

Begin and Develop Your Yoga Practice with Confidence!

Pre-registration required.  Please call to reserve your space.