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Muscle Release Therapy

Did you know that a broken toe can cause migraines and jaw problems for years?  That's because trauma leads to the development of compensation patterns that cause pain.  Muscle Release Therapy is a massage technique that restores postural balances to the body.  It works with the brain and removes compensation patters that cause pain.  Normal…
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Upcoming Barre C.S.F. Certification Training

BARRE:  Cardio, Strength, Flexibility PRANA Barre Certification is a unique approach to Barre training. The Barre Program is a combination of dance, pilates, cardio, yoga and strength training.  The class format is a cardio warmup to get the body warm before engaging in strength combinations designed for the upper and lower body. The final section…
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Prana Facebook

Become a fan of Prana Yoga & Dance Studio Did you know Prana is now on FACEBOOK? Search "Prana Yoga and Dance" on Facebook
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