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Meditation Workshop w/Kathleen Sunday 2/29

1:00-3:00pm We all strive to get the most out of our day. Multitasking has become a top priority. In the process we tend to spend a lot of time thinking about the next task. Unfortunately the moment we are in tends to become an afterthought. Mind chatter is like a reel that just keeps playing…
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TRX New Classes Added! There are many benefits to TRX. It is versatile, suitable for all levels, engages the whole body, improves strength and endurance and is low impact. And most importantly it is a great addition to your yoga and barre practice. We have added TRX to our schedule. We have a new TRX…
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Reiki Level I and Level II Workshops

Join us to learn the ancient healing art of Reiki. Rei means universal and Ki is energy. The Japanese healing art of Reiki is channeling this universal healing energy through the hands. It is a powerful means of healing on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. Reiki Principles -Just for today I will not worry…
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