Online Classes

Online Classes

During the time of our required closure, Prana will be offering online Yoga and Fitness classes. We have received wonderful feedback from these classes. We will continue to update the schedule for you with new classes. You can use your current pass or purchase our special discount pass. You must pay for the class prior to registration.

We have over 60 different classes currently and are adding more daily. Look for Kids and Tween to start running soon. We have decided to run some of our earlier morning classes at a little later time. No worries if you are an early riser. You can log onto the class at anytime before the start and take the class. You can also now take the class even after it has started. All morning classes will stream till 3:00pm. After 3:00pm, access to morning classes will not be available. We are hoping this will give you more options for your convenience. Late afternoon and evening classes will have the same feature. You can sign up and take the class at anytime before the start time. Access to evening classes will not be available after 9:00pm. 

We will post new schedule on a day to day basis. We may post up to two days worth of classes, but no more than that. This will allow us to keep the content fresh and keep track of what our communities needs are.

The following steps will allow to take the class.
1) Go to our website

2) Once on the website click on SCHEDULE

3) You will then be taken to our schedule where you must either log in (if you already have an account, or register.

4) Once you are registered it will then prompt you to return the Prana Schedule- Click on the highlighted prompt

5) You will then be taken back to our schedule where you will see the classes. Chose the online class you are interested.

6) You will then choose BROADCAST the class