Angela Marcellino

Angela was initially introduced to yoga in her 20s and casually practiced for a while. Years later, after struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, a dear friend invited her to a class.  Angela took her up on the offer.  After experiencing the power of that class, she experienced an awakening inside her that was life altering and knew a regular practice was necessary.  Angela sought a yoga studio to call home and after many recommendations came to Prana Yoga & Dance.  Her regular yoga practice developed into a craving to know more of the yogic way of life.  The desire to know more evolved into an aspiration to give back to the community to which instilled so much peace and joy in her life and she embarked on her 200 Yoga Teacher Training offered through Prana’s Joy & Service Program.

After what she has gained personally, Angela aims at carrying the stillness, joy and inner peace that she experienced after that first practice.  Angela’s classes are focused on anchoring to the breath, as well as powerful, balanced and flowy.  “Anchoring and embracing all that the breath has to offer allows us to live in true reality, which is always the gift of the present moment.”

Angela enjoys sharing the gift of yoga with all her family and friends and really anyone that has an open heart!  She relishes in the time she shares her practice with her son, nieces and nephews.  “It is truly awesome to see how yoga can engage children in such a natural way.  It cultivates peace, confidence and self-awareness that they will carry inside themselves throughout their entire lives.”

Her proudest moments are not while holding an arm balance or inversion but in the quietness of her nightly meditations with her son.

“Yoga is so much more than a physical outlet, it is a mindset and a way that you approach life in a gentle, loving and purposeful way.”