Giovanna Aceto VanDenHaute

Giovanna Aceto VanDenHaute

Wellness and physical fitness have always been a significant part of Giovanna's life.  Her favorite way to practice wellness is through a holistic approach of yoga, barre, pilates, meditation, clean eating, cleansing and self care rituals.  Yoga has always been her first love from the moment she first stepped onto her mat in 2001 and has enriched her life in countless ways since.  She strives to "live yoga" both on and off the mat each and every day.  After years of honing her own practice, Giovanna became a certified yoga teacher through Cleveland Yoga and Yoga Alliance in 2011.  She was trained in Baptiste Vinyasa Yoga and has taught a myriad of techniques including: Hot Power Vinyasa, Restorative Slow Flow Vinyasa and Yoga Barre.  She is always learning, growing and continuing to be inspired by her many amazing teachers.

Giovanna describes her classes as playful, sweaty, challenging and rejuvenating.  She says "All of my classes have a flow that starts off gentle to stretch you out, warm you up and lengthen your muscles. Once you are warm, we amp up the energy and focus on toning and reaching your edge. Then we slow back down leaving you feeling peaceful and balanced.  My classes focus on healing and strengthening the mind, body and soul connection.  My barre classes have similar flows and results as my yoga classes.  What makes my barre classes unique is that they have a mix of modern ballet, yoga and pilates...not to mention amazing music.  This class will provide the lengthening, leaning and toning that everyone craves!"

Another passion of Giovanna's is teaching others the holistic approach to wellness. She received her Holistic Health Coaching Certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013 and a Bachelors of Science degree in Interpersonal Communications from the Scripps School of Communications at Ohio University in 2008.  Her professional experience includes: Yoga Teaching, Health Coaching, Barre Teaching, Wellness Workshops and Corporate Wellness. She truly believes that everyone can reach their optimal potential through a holistic approach of lifestyle, fitness and nutrition.

"I feel so blessed to have this opportunity share my love of wellness with you all," says Giovanna.  "I am excited to see you all in yoga, barre or in an upcoming wellness workshop.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to say hi. Namaste!"



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