Melanie Satanek

Yoga entered Melanie’s life in 2011 as a home practice to get in shape.  A year after her journey began, she took her first class at Prana Yoga and Dance. She immediately felt at home, and began to see yoga as more than just a workout.  Although each class was physically challenging, she began to feel the emotional effects of a regular yoga practice.  Becoming more aware of her breath and learning to focus on the present were welcomed effects of practicing yoga that helped deal with the stress of a busy life.  She began to feel the need to deepen her practice and the urge to share the practice with others.   In September 2014, she embarked on a transformational journey of 200-hour teacher training under the guidance of Kathleen, Holly and Rowan at Prana Yoga and Dance.  She completed her training in May 2015, and is registered through the Yoga Alliance.

Melanie is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Geology.  As a full time Environmental Scientist and a mother of two, Melanie understands that life is busy and hopes that the time you spend in her classes brings you calm and a sense of being renewed. Melanie's love of music is mixed in with balanced yoga practices to help each student enjoy class while still being challenged.

“Yoga is a blessing you can give your body, both emotionally and physically.  Yoga is for everybody and has great benefit no matter which level you are at.  By showing up to class, you are giving yourself a gift.”