Sound Nourishment for Your Mind Body and Soul

Sound Nourishment for Your Mind Body and Soul

Join Holistic Health Practitioner Chrystyna Prochaska for a unique Sound Immersion event. Experience the healing frequencies of Tibetan and crystal bowls, drum, chimes, and other musical instruments. The healing tones and vibrations create clear pathways in us for releasing stress and connecting to one’s self while in a deep state of relaxation.

Come experience these amazing sound frequencies to help you feel grounded, energized, and at peace.

Pre-registration is required.  Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle, a yoga mat and any additional items (pillow, blanket) to make yourself comfortable.

Please arrive around 10 minutes early to settle in before the start of the event at 2:00pm.

Cost $20

Sunday April 7, 2019   2:00-3:00pm