Upcoming Barre C.S.F. Certification Training

Upcoming Barre C.S.F. Certification Training

BARRE:  Cardio, Strength, Flexibility

PRANA Barre Certification is a unique approach to Barre training. The Barre Program is a combination of dance, pilates, cardio, yoga and strength training.  The class format is a cardio warmup to get the body warm before engaging in strength combinations designed for the upper and lower body. The final section of the class utilizes a ballet barre before moving to the exercise mat for core work.

36 Hour Barre Training Certification

What to expect

This will be an active training. Participants should wear workout clothing and bring a change of clothes.   Also, bring lots of water and snacks as well as a notepad and pen for note taking.

Dates and Times of Instructional Training

Call the studio if you are interested in information regarding this training.


Student Teaching and Practice Classes

Each Barre trainee is required to complete 6 hours of Student Teaching and participate in practice class hours.  Barre students will feel 100% percent confident about their knowledge from training and about their ability to conduct a class.

Please email pranadance123@yahoo.com if you are interested in becoming Barre Certified.