Winter Solstice 108 Sun Salutations

Winter Solstice 108 Sun Salutations

12/21 6:30pm 




Friday December 21st is the shortest day of the year. It is when the sun reaches its most southern point in the sky. After this date the days start getting longer again. This is something to celebrate! Come join us for the Winter Solstice 108 sun salutations. The Solstice is a good time for reflection. The darkness is an invitation to be still and look inward. As we find comfort with this inward state we begin to heal and trust that the light of spring will find us once again. We will visualize our intentions for the new year ahead, reflect on the accomplishments of the year and release any all that things that have not served us in 2018. We will start out slow and continue to build our heat and continue to connect to our breath.  This class is for all levels. You do not have to complete all 108. Modifications are always available. Remember that in the practice of yoga the only thing that is perfect is the moment. Make a minimum $15 donation to enter to win a 6 class  yoga pass.

All other evening classes will be canceled. Class begins at 6:30pm.

Last years Winter Solstice was a great success! We raised $550 for the Sanctuary for Senior Dogs! Hope to see everyone again this year!